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We, Al Baraka Logistics Company, adopt creative strategic thinking. With a future vision, we look forward to consolidating a new development philosophy in the world of logistics and transportation services, with an unprecedented professional manner.

The company, through a tireless growth dynamic, establishes a qualitative leap in the world of warehouse services of all kinds to comply with the aspirations of the market and meet its accelerating needs and fill the shortage.

We are making a sustainable way to benefit from the highest standards and research studies in logistics, transportation, and modern supply chains, by introducing an integrated system. This strategic transformation came in line with a number of changes brought about by the company in developing its administrative systems and training its technical and marketing cadres, which gave us reassurance and stability as we enjoy great effectiveness in the market where we gained the trust.

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Cooling and freezing
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Dry warehouses
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open warehouses
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Industry Experience

Normal Warehouses

Logistics Support

Labeling and Printing on the Packages

Freezing Store Warehouse

Inventory & Order Management

Cross docking

Cold Store Warehouse

Packaging and Promotional Bundling

Palletizing /shrink rapping